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Manchester United vs Liverpool BPL Live Stream Soccer 2013

 Manchester United vs Liverpool BPL Live Stream Soccer 2013 - Watch online Manchester United vs Liverpool on internet tv by Live Streaming. Live Straming Manchester United vs Liverpool.

Manchester United vs Liverpool. This is the biggest test Machester United to win their 20th title in the BPL. Sunday, January 13, 2013 MU will be challenged Liverpool at Old Trafford. Increase of up to 21 The Red Devils are still firmly on top of the standings with 52 points. Live on Global TV. 20.30West Indonesian Time
This is the duel between the big clubs in the BPL. MU is collecting 19 league titles while Liverpool has collected the title 18 times.

This fight will be very interesting because their striker Robin Van Persie and Luiz Suarez amid on-fire in this match. They are also competing in the ranks of the top scoring Premier League this season. With 15 goals he has jaringkan Van Persie winning 1 goal for Suarez.

Since the defeat of Norwich, MU began to rise and almost clean sweep of all available points. Obviously MU wants ahead of Manchetser City that the incident did not happen again last season.

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